Julie Olmsted founded Blue Owl Law because she wants to do good work for good people. She wants to listen. To give answers, and ideas. To guide strong people through tough situations. And because she has powerful personal experience within estate planning and wants to use that experience to help and connect with others.  

Julie likes to practice law a little differently, working intentionally to make her practice, and her relationship with clients, accessible and authentic:

  • Free 30-minute initial consultations
  • Complimentary house calls
  • Evening and weekend appointments
  • Flat fees (when possible)
  • Payment plans available

Why Blue Owl Law? Blue is the color of sincerity and trust. Owls are wise and keen creatures; they are symbols of transition. Blue Owl Law aims to bring each of these attributes to its clients.

651-895-2945 | julie@blueowllaw.com

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